Adriane Galisteu delivers that Gabi Martins and Tierry reconciled their relationship

Adriane Galisteu, for sure, left fans of Gabi Martins and Tierry extremely happy with the news that the singers have resumed their relationship, in an interview with ‘OtaLab’, with Otaviano Costa, this past Thursday (26).

On the occasion, the presenter of The farm gave his opinion on the names that could participate in the new season of the reality show, which has its premiere scheduled to take place in September, and ended up missing the news.

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“It’s not spoiler, it’s gossip: she [Gabi Martins] came back with Tierry. I guarantee! They went, opened and came back. People like us, right? Relationships go through these moments”, fired Adriane Galisteu.


In addition to Galisteu, comedian Tirullipa also revealed details of the reconciliation between Gabi Martins and Tierry, in an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal.

“I called them and called them to lunch. When they arrived, I put the two of them at another table and left them talking. They hit it off right there and went back to my table kissing and making love again. Another mission from Cupitiru, the cupid of the famous!”, said Wesley’s bad-ass friend.

the end

According to information provided by Leo Dias, Gabi Martins and Tierry had discussed in the early hours of August 10th, amidst the crisis in the relationship that they would be facing, and as an alternative, they sought to take a break from dating. The owner of the hit ‘Rita’ fueled confirmation of the rumors by deleting all the photos with the sertaneja on Instagram.

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