Adriane Galisteu shocks by exposing the dream that Ayrton Senna died without realizing

Adriane Galisteu
Adriane Galisteu reveals a dream that Ayrton Senna died without realizing (Image: Reproduction – Instagram – Facebook / Editing – RD1)

Adriane Galisteu remembered the past at last Thursday (26), during participation in the OtaLab program, and brought to light information never before revealed about Ayrton Senna, her ex-boyfriend.

In conversation with the presenter Octavian Costa, the future owner of the reality show The farm exposed a dream that the pilot had and could not fulfill before his death: to go to Disney.

“He died without knowing Disney, which was his life’s dream. He had never taken a vacation. He lived for his work and on vacation came to Angra, which he adored. I left the European circuit and came to Angra”, said the famous woman, who then quoted a dialogue she had with the Brazilian idol:

“When I arrived in his life I asked: ‘but why do you only come to Angra?’. ‘Because I have a home here’. ‘But you’ll have a home here all your life, let’s get to know places’. ‘I don’t know, I miss my friends, my family’. ‘But come on, you never were’. So much so that he died without knowing Disney, which was his life’s dream”.

The contractor of record he also said that his first trip after Senna’s departure was to the land of Mickey Mouse.

“It was the first place I traveled to after his death. I can’t believe that a man of that size dreamed of meeting Disney and never set foot there”, finished.

Fresh from the command of Power Couple, Adriane prefers to ignore any speculation about The Farm and wait for the official list to learn the names along with the public.

Despite this, the hunches have already started. In addition, columnist Fábia Oliveira revealed some names that are talking to the production of the attraction, which is expected to go on air as of September 14th.

The list includes: Tati Quebra Barraco; Maria Júlia Mazalli, Lipe Ribeiro’s current affair; Yá Burihan, ex-fiancée of the ex-Fazenda; Rich Melquiades; Luiz Paulo Arashiro, who is Celso Portiolli’s stage assistant, and influencer Ney Lima.

The attraction, it is worth remembering, keeps the prize of R$ 1.5 million for the winner and distributes R$ 500 thousand in extra prizes throughout the season. Sponsorships even go very well.

After the announcement of the new presenter, Record guaranteed the sale of another sponsorship quota. Thanks to the novelty, the channel earned nearly R$ 100 million, and already has five major advertisers for the attraction.


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