Advisers tell Joe Biden a new attack in Kabul is likely, according to US media | World

According to the Washington Post, a commander said the attack could be by a car bomb or a rocket aimed at the airport.

Bodies of Afghans killed in the Kabul airport bombing are laid on the ground in a hospital in the Afghan capital on Aug. 27, 2021, a day after the explosions that left dozens of victims. Two suicide bombers and gunmen attacked a crowd of Afghans and American soldiers at one of the airport’s gates. — Photo: Wali Sabawoon/AP

According to Reuters, President Joe Biden has been warned by advisers that the next few days will be the most dangerous of the withdrawal operation.

The warnings came at a meeting between Biden and officials from the US government’s military and diplomatic sectors.

The advisers said a new attack on Kabul is likely, even as the US prepares plans to retaliate against Islamic State-Khorasan for the first attack.

Biden reflects on his responsibility for attacking Americans in Afghanistan

Biden reflects on his responsibility for attacking Americans in Afghanistan

An explosion outside Kabul airport on Thursday (26) left 13 soldiers and about 170 Afghans dead.

It was the deadliest attack on US forces in a decade in Afghanistan.

An arm of the Islamic State in Afghanistan, the Islamic State-Khorasan, claimed responsibility for the attack. This group is a rival to the Taliban.

Backpacks and belongings of Afghans lay outside Kabul airport and were waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan, a day after the Aug. 26 suicide bombings that killed dozens of people, including 13 American soldiers — Photo: Wakil Kohsar/AFP

“We believe they want to continue these attacks, and we hope that they will,” General Kenneth McKenzie of US Central Command said on Thursday.

According to him, the US military is sharing information with the Taliban who manage the crossing points outside the airport. McKenzie said the US will continue to “coordinate” with the Taliban.

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