Afghan refugees make an act in SP asking Itamaraty for urgency in granting humanitarian visas to family members | São Paulo

Afghan refugees and immigrants living in the city of São Paulo held an event in the afternoon of this Friday (27) in front of the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), in the South Zone.

At the time, they asked for flexibility in the decision of the Brazilian government to grant humanitarian visas to Afghans, so that their families can migrate to Brazil and flee the Taliban, which took over the government of the country after the beginning of the withdrawal of US troops.

With banners saying “delayed diplomacy is useless”, “help to the Afghan people” and “humanitarian emergency”, the group tried to be received by some Itamaraty representative in São Paulo, but was unsuccessful. They are now evaluating whether they will forward a letter to the ministry, asking for urgent humanitarian visas.

Afghan refugees perform in SP in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) office in Jardim Europa. — Photo: Personal collection

On August 19, Itamaraty told the G1 which is considering granting humanitarian visas to Afghans after the Taliban took power in the country.

According to the ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, humanitarian visas would be “on terms similar to those granted to Haitians and Syrians.”

However, there are still no details on how the process or duration of the measure would be. In the case of Syrians, in an attempt to streamline the issuance of visas, there was a simplification in the granting process, with exemption from fees and authorization for temporary residence in Brazil for two years.

Afghan who lived in Brazil goes to his home country to pick up his family and is trapped in the chaos

Afghan who lived in Brazil goes to his home country to pick up his family and is trapped in the chaos

the request ofand humanitarian visa, unlike the refugee visa, must be made outside Brazil, in some consular authority. In the case of Afghanistan, the closest is the Embassy of Islamabad, Pakistan.

The ministry says that it is “with concern” following the evolution of the current situation in Afghanistan, after the Taliban extremist group regained power and occupied the capital Kabul, and that the Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad is “on hand to provide information to foreigners who intend to enter Brazilian territory, as well as to issue any documents and visas necessary for the trip, in light of the existing legal system”.

And this is exactly the path that 29-year-old Afghan entrepreneur Masood Habibi intends to follow, who lived in São Paulo until May and, since then, has been in Kabul trying to come to Brazil with his family.

Masood Habibi, his wife and son during a tour of Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, before the arrival of the Taliban — Photo: Personal Archive

Masood was denied visa applications for his relatives, according to the embassy, ​​because of the pandemic. Now, with the arrival of the Taliban and the attack at the airport in Kabul, he has no prospects, locked in his home with his family since 15 August.

Regarding visas already denied to Masood’s family, Itamaraty said that “it is not possible to comment on specific cases of consular assistance.”

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