After an exchange, Kevin Love is close to being dismissed by the Cavaliers

By Gustavo Freitas
Posted on Aug 27, 2021 at 8:18 pm

Pivot wing Kevin Love is getting closer and closer to being released by the Cleveland Cavaliers, especially after the exchange he made this Friday, acquiring Finnish Lauri Markkaknen. According to journalist Terry Pluto, from the newspaper Cleveland Plain Dealer, the negotiation may take place in the next few days.

Love, 32, has been with the Cavs since the 2014-15 season. For the Ohio team, the athlete won a title in four finals played. However, since the departure of LeBron James for the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cavaliers have returned to being a team with no big ambitions. The veteran would then negotiate with a team with more chances for the title.

The player’s situation at the Cavs has worsened in recent years. Despite having gone to two editions of the Stars Game, Love lost many games due to injuries. Last season, for example, he played in just 25 matches. Since then, the direction has selected center wing Evan Mobley in the last draft and, today, an exchange receiving Markkanen.

Should Kevin Love be dismissed by the Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors is one of the possible destinations. The Californian team has appeared in several rumors in recent months as a candidate to receive the pivot. Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, too, would be some of the possibilities.

Love would initially participate in the Tokyo Olympics. However, he asked for a waiver days before the US team boarded. It was speculated, therefore, that it was a possible negotiation with the Cavaliers for his departure. The board even tried exchanges, but in vain. Due to his salary (about US$31.3 million), the team encountered huge barriers.


Though he’s coming out on the low, Love has been to the All Star Game on five occasions. He participated in the US team in the gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012. He was also part of the cast that won the 2010 Worlds in Turkey. Voted the Most Evolved Player in 2011, Love even made it to the NBA’s ideal teams on two occasions. Finally, the athlete was the rebounder of the 2010-11 season (when he recorded 20.2 points and 15.2 rebounds) and was NBA champion in 2016.

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