After an increase, Netflix boosts September and returns with viral productions

Netflix has released the calendar for September and will bet on three big hits to attract the public’s attention. The new seasons of La Casa de Papel, Lucifer and Sex Education arrive at the same time that the platform tries to keep the number of subscribers high. At the end of July, the streaming company announced a price increase for the Brazilian public, which generated a revolt on social networks, so much so that some groups of people promised to cancel their subscriptions.

Coincidentally, Netflix will put in its catalog new episodes of three true phenomena in the world of dramaturgy. One of them is La Casa de Papel, which became a craze across the planet and created trends in Brazil, with clothes being sold and even serving as inspiration for songs.

The platform will make available the first five episodes of the new edition of the production. The other five will only reach the public in December. In the plot, the bank robbery in Spain began more than 100 hours ago and the group of bandits managed to rescue Lisbon.

However, Sierra has captured the Professor and he doesn’t have a plan to escape for the first time, which will put him in danger. To make matters worse, the Spanish government will put the army on the street. The production’s cast guarantees that they still don’t know what the end of the story is.

The outcome of La Casa de Papel is one of the most awaited. The story was released in 2017 and the expectation was to have only a first season. But the plot exploded across the planet and Netflix decided to extend the trajectory of the bandits and its end will occur this year.

Another plot that is the darling of the Netflix audience is Lucifer. The story was supposed to be wrapped up in season three, but fans urged Dan’s trajectory to follow in the air. The streaming accepted the request and announced new episodes, reaching until the sixth season.


But the company will not be restricted to dramas alone. One of the platform’s September bets is the third season of Sex Education. The British phenomenon tells the trajectory of Otis and his saga to deal with the problems that all teenagers face: hormones at the surface.

The second season ended in January 2020 and fans are eager to know if the protagonist and Maeve will finally have their first kiss, living the great love they feel for each other. The production is full of romance as well as humor, featuring renowned actress Gillian Anderson.

La Casa de Papel arrives on September 3rd. Lucifer will have his new episodes on the air on the 10th of the same month. Finally, Sex Education will be available to viewers on the 17th.

Netflix and the price increase


In late July, Netflix raised the prices of subscription plans in Brazil. The new values ​​start at R$25.90, for the basic plan, and reach R$55.90, for premium subscribers. The last price adjustment for the service in Brazil had taken place more than two years ago, in March 2019.

The subscription streaming service company justifies the increase by promising a better experience to subscribers and highlights the increase in the catalog of original films and series, both Brazilian and international. The production of soap operas is also planned, as well as the launch of mobile games.

The rise in prices generated indignation from subscribers and many people promised to cancel the subscription. The name of Prime Video and HBO Max entered the most talked about topics on Twitter, because they offered cheaper prices than Netflix and with extensive content.

However, the streaming giant will bet on viral plots to keep the number of customers in Brazil. The company is expected to disclose the dates of Brazilian productions, such as the second season of Sintonia.