Alaskan Truck Simulator challenges you to drive in the worst possible conditions

In addition to driving, you will need to repair and fuel the truck and live in Alaska.

I love Euro Truck Simulator 2. I love Car Mechanic Simulator. And I also want to play My Summer Car, which mixes survival and automotive tuning. And now, directly from the Polish developer Movie Games, we received Alaskan Truck Simulator, which seems to merge those games I mentioned at the beginning. With the special hint of seasoning American Truck Simulator.

As announced in the trailer for Alaskan Truck Simulator, the game is the meeting of a driving simulator with the survival genre. It won’t be a “sit and drive” like the Euro Truck Simulator, you’ll play in first person, you’ll have a house, you’ll cook and you’ll have to jump out of the car to refuel your trailer. At this point he reminds me of the My Summer Car, where you repair a car but also need to eat, you can have your beer (but don’t drive later) and take a sauna.

You’ll also have to make adaptations to the truck, such as putting chains on the wheels to drive (yes, drive. Respect the road professionals) in the snow. the mood of Alaskan Truck Simulator it’s dynamic and will fit well in the game’s survival proposal. Those from the coldest regions of southern Brazil know how risky it is to drive on a slippery road.

In the automotive mechanics, not the game, Alaskan Truck Simulator pleases those who like to get grease on their hands like in Car Mechanic Simulator. If your machine breaks down in the middle of a highway in the Alaskan countryside, a state that has more bears than bars, you’ll have to open the hood and fix it. In fact, there are wild animals in Alaskan Truck Simulator. And you can hunt them down.

See the Trailer:

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The game will be released in the first quarter of 2022, without a specified date, to PRAÇA. Some time later, the Movie Games will launch Alaskan Truck Simulator for the consoles Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S


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Via: Games Radar