Alexandre removes a delegate who was investigating Bolsonaro’s interference

Delegate Felipe Alcântara de Barroso Leal is no longer part of the investigations into the inquiry into whether President Jair Bolsonaro interfered with the Federal Police. His removal was determined this Friday (27/8) by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, from the Supreme Federal Court (STF). Responsible for the case, the minister says, in his dispatch, that the policeman requested information about facts that have nothing to do with the investigation in progress.

The minister said in his statement that, instead of investigating facts related to the alleged interference by Bolsonaro, the delegate asked for information about acts of the current director general of the corporation and investigations under the responsibility of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) that did not they are related to the denunciation made by former minister Sérgio Moro that Bolsonaro wanted to intervene in the PF.

Alexandre de Moraes dismissed delegate
Nelson Jr./STF

Among the information requested by delegate Leal were reports from the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin) and the Institutional Security Office (GSI) that would have provided information to the defense of senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ), investigated for allegedly diverting resources from officials of his office when he was a state deputy in Rio de Janeiro, in the “cracks” scheme.

“There is, therefore, no relevance between the new measures referred to and the object of the investigation”, says Alexandre, who also determined the annulment of the delegate’s acts.

“I verify that the measures determined [para apurar a interferência de Bolsonaro] are not within the scope of this investigation, as they refer to acts that would have been carried out in the command of the DPF Paulo Maiurino, who assumed the General Directorate of the Federal Police on 4/6/2021, that is, after the facts found in this investigation and without any relationship with it,” he concludes. The minister also asked that a new delegate be appointed to monitor the investigations.

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