Alinne Moraes jokes about ex-Cauã Reymond’s photo

The 38-year-old actress Alinne Moraes joked when she commented on a photo published by her ex, Cauã Reymond, on social networks.

After the heartthrob, married to model Mariana Goldfarb, elicited praise from fans by showing off his healed body, the actress jokingly pointed out that he had used a photo editing program.

“Which app?”, asked Alinne in the publication’s comments about which app Cauã used.

In the post, Cauã compared how his body was full of air and without, showing the difference, which was practically zero. He received a compliment from co-worker Rodrigo Lombardi, who praised: “That’s good”.

Some followers also joined in the joke, but there were even those who thought it would be flirting. “I just want to know this so I can start using it too,” said one. “Her comment sounded like she’s wanting a remember,” fired another. “I love this maturity that should be normal”, praised a third.

Cauã and Alinne engaged in an affair in 2002 and stayed together until 2005. Currently, she is married to filmmaker Mauro Lima, with whom she has a son, Pedro, 7 years old. It is noteworthy that the artists will be the protagonists of the next 9 pm TV Globo soap opera, ‘Um Lugar Ao Sol’. In the plot written by Lícia Manzo, the actor will play the twins Cristian and Renato. Alinne, on the other hand, will play Patricia Barbara.