Ana Vilela reveals depression and complains about attacks

Ana Vilela, singer known for the hit “Trem Bala”, vented through her profile on Twitter. In a long outburst, the famous woman talked about depression and the criticism she receives for her work in music. It’s not the first time that the beauty has exposed herself in this way and shows a side hitherto unknown.

“Hi family, please don’t send me posts talking about Trem Bala. I have depression and would not want to hear comments from anyone other than my own head saying that my work is rubbish. You can filter comments on my posts, not on others”, began Ana Vilela about the attacks she is receiving.

According to Ana Vilela, the singer cannot stop reading the messages from the audience and unfortunately ends up seeing hate messages: “Most of the time the post is beautiful, but the comments are unbelievable. And it doesn’t even come with this shit like: ‘Oh, but just don’t read it’. Everything I do is for you. Obviously I want to read the feedbacks and opinions. Only I know when it’s about Bullet train, everything intensifies for the worse”.

Again he cited depression, worrying his followers and friends: “Trem Bala was Trending Topics once, I don’t remember having gone from such an intense joy to such a depressed state in such a short time. After clicking the tag I spent 2 days in bed. They even called me a Nazi for writing this song”.

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After the long outburst, Ana Vilela took the opportunity to talk about her new song: “Probably taking advantage of this thread that I didn’t want to have written will probably engage more than my last release that I literally worked months to put in the world.”

Fafá de Belém, currently participating in The Masked Singer and masquerading as the Jacaré, tried to cherish Ana Vileva and left a loving message for the celebrity on social media: “Hi darling! Trem Bala is amazing, beautiful, sweet, a caress in the soul and a message that is always current! I love! Be alright”.

Vilela became known after the song “Trem Bala” became an internet phenomenon and her first performance on television was in the extinct Caldeirão do Huck with Luciano Huck (Globo). On the program’s stage, he performed a duet with the countryman Luan Santana.

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