Ana Vilela vents about criticism of “Trem-Bala”: “I have depression”

Ana Vilela was very well known for the success of the song “Bullet train“, released in 2016. The song really has a beautiful message of reflection on life, but for some reason there are people who don’t like the song at all and make a point of making it clear on social networks. However, years later, this ends up affecting the mental health of the singer and songwriter in charge.

That is why, Ana Vilela made an outburst on social networks stating here she has depression and this type of comment makes her very sick.

Check out Ana Vilela’s outburst:

Hi family, please don’t send me posts talking about bullet trains. I have depression and would not want to hear comments from anyone other than my own head saying that my work is rubbish. Is it possible to filter comments on my posts, those of others not“she began.

She gave a good example of posting that comments are negative. Although the news is very beautiful, people are bombarded with hate.

Most of the time the post is beautiful, but the comments are unbelievable. And it doesn’t even come with that fucking ‘ah but just don’t read it’. Everything I do is for you. IT’S OBVIOUS that I want to read the feedbacks and opinions. But I know that when it comes to ‘Bullet Train’ everything escalates for the worse“, to be continued.

She recalls a defining moment (not in a positive way): “Bullet train was in the trending topics once, and I don’t remember going from such intense joy to such a depressed state in such a short time. After clicking the tag I spent 2 days in bed. Even N4ZIST4 called me for writing this song“, he reported.

Ana Vilela vents about criticism of the "Bullet train": "I have depression"
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I love hearing every story you have to tell me about ‘Bullet Train’ changing your life (or at least an aspect of life) for you, and I know those stories don’t come to me that way. And that they’ll keep coming, and I’ll keep listening and getting emotional with them“, he said.

The artist doesn’t want to close: “My direct is still open, my DM too, and when I meet you on the street it’s the best thing. I just want to shield myself somehow FROM THIS type of comment IN THIS specific moment when it’s very difficult to do anything“he explained.

“No I will never know how to deal with hate, yes I’m doing one more post about it and I would definitely stop doing it if you just stopped reducing my work to 3 and a half minutes recorded 5 years ago. Tired of reading this kind of mass shit.”

She ends: “It’s been 5 years since I parachuted into the music business and honestly I’ve learned to deal with a lot of bad and uncomfortable things, I’ve evolved a lot, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand certain things“.

Currently Ana Vilela promotes her new song “A Gente Combina”:

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