Andressa Urach’s husband revolts netizens by announcing the baby’s sex and suffers serious consequences

Andressa Urach and Thiago Lopes
Andressa Urach’s husband gets into controversy when he reveals the sex of his son and suffers punishment (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Andressa Urach found out she is pregnant recently and communicated the news to fans with all joy. However, her husband – once again – polemics when talking about the couple’s first baby, more specifically when announcing his sex. Because of that, a punishment came.

Thiago Lopes posted the image of the exam proving that the couple is expecting a boy and paraphrased Jair Bolsonaro, in a phrase that placed the female sex on a lower level: “The result of the fetal sexing exam came out! I didn’t give up, he’s going to be born a boy. We accept name suggestion”.

Many people revolted with the caption chosen for this Instagram post, accusing Urach’s husband of machismo, reminding him that he is married to a woman and has a mother. After complaints, the social network chose to take the publication off the air.

Thiago himself reverted the sanction, but brought a completely different narrative to the case and was soon denied by other internet users, who condemned his attitude:

Instagram removed my post because I put it in the caption that my son will wear boy blue. If I said that my son would wear pink, Instagram would increase the visibility of my post. Good thing I don’t need to be anyone’s hostage. Neither TV nor social network”.

The protagonist of the controversy reposted the exam and wrote a more restrained caption: “The result of the fetal sexing exam came out! We are going to have a boy (XY). I am very happy. We accept name suggestion”.

Andressa Urach made a declaration of love in the comment field: ??“Love you my love! Congratulations to U.S. Let’s have another little boy to bring even more joy to our family”.

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