Andressa Urach’s husband says his son will wear “boy’s blue”

Thiago Lopes, husband of Andressa Urach, caused the greatest controversy on social networks by stating that her baby with the model will wear “boy blue” clothes. Hours after the post, Instagram removed the message and Thiago made a complaint.

“Instagram removed my post because I put it in the caption that my son will wear boy blue. If I said that my son would wear pink, Instagram would increase the visibility of my post. Good thing I don’t need to be anyone’s hostage. Neither TV nor social network”, he wrote.

For those who don’t remember, this same controversial phrase about the separation of colors for boys and girls was said in January 2019 by the Minister for Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves.


Andressa Urach revealed on her social networks, on the night of Wednesday, August 25th, the sex of the baby she expects: boy! The model and businesswoman published the test result and celebrated.

“It’s a boy! Very happy, one more little boy to bring even more joy to our family! 10 weeks of gestation. We accept name suggestions,” she wrote.

The publication was a repost from her husband, who was elated at the celebration and ended up being rude in his words: “The result of the fetal sexing exam came out! I didn’t give up, he’s going to be born a boy! We accept name suggestions”.

Soon after, Thiago edited the publication’s caption. He replaced the tawdry comment about the “weakened” with “We’re going to have a boy (XY). I am very happy”.


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