Arabs forget Michael and are enchanted by another Flamengo reserve

Flamengo is the team to beat on the South American continent. Practically guaranteed in semifinal Brazil Cup, is once again in the Libertadores semifinal and also wants to be three-time national champion. The team evolved a lot in the last games, Renato gave a very interesting game pattern and the team is experiencing the best moment of the season.

As players stand out on the field, they end up drawing attention from clubs abroad. According to information from the commentator Julio Miguel Neto, teams from Arabia monitor forward Vitinho, who is experiencing the best moment since he was hired by Mais Querido and is CRF’s most important reserve, at least in numbers.

The shirt 11 has a contract with Mengão until December 2022 and has already been considered several times to leave Flamengo. The player was much questioned by most fans, who asked for his departure. However, things changed this season and the striker took the pressure off his football.

Happy in Fla and also in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the athlete would only consider leaving if he received a proposal outside the standards. Recently, he has already turned down some appointments because he understands that the best thing for his career is to stay at Mais Querido. At each transfer window, the Arabs covet some Rubro-Negro player.

Earlier this year, Michael was very close to being negotiated and lacked small details. In the last conversations, Flamengo made some demands and the deal was cancelled. Today, the sprinter has also been very important to Renato Gaúcho’s group.