Arnaldo Ribeiro: Atlético-MG do Cuca plays more than Sampaoli’s – 08/27/2021

Atlético-MG leads the Brazilian Championship under Cuca’s command, in addition to playing in the semifinals of the Libertadores and the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, with an advantage after yesterday’s 2-1 victory over Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro , with his supporter seeing the possibility of a title closer after the investment made in the club since last year, when the coach was the Argentine Jorge Sampaoli, who left Galo with only the state.

In the Posse de Bola #155 podcast, Arnaldo Ribeiro says he sees Atlético-MG, coached by Cuca, showing better football than Sampaoli’s last season, considering that the current coach is managing to take better advantage of the squad. that you have available.

“After a shift or half of a season, Atlético-MG do Cuca plays more than Atlético-MG do Sampaoli. Atlético-MG do Cuca has Nacho and Hulk, it’s true, they hired two above-average players, however, Atlético-MG’s team plays, and Sampaoli has hired several that he doesn’t even use. What the Hulk is playing in the position he is playing, a position he hasn’t occupied lately, is an impressive thing and Atlético- MG already has a very interesting team, Atlético-MG do Cuca makes better use of the squad than Sampaoli”, says Arnaldo.

“Atletico-MG do Cuca defends better than Sampaoli, Atlético-MG do Cuca attacks better than Sampaoli. And I think this is an interesting situation, because Cuca has already succeeded Sampaoli at Santos and then it was the opposite scenario, he lost a lot of players in relation to Santos do Sampaoli and made a good team anyway,” he adds.

The journalist draws attention to the fact that Cuca was Sampaoli’s replacement at the two clubs the Argentine worked for during his time in Brazilian football and, in both cases, he managed to keep the team playing good football, even with a loss significant number of players and internal problems in the case of the Vila Belmiro club.

“His Santos, with fewer players, played at the level of Santos do Sampaoli, if not at the same level, close. So I think this comparison between Cuca and Sampaoli is interesting, because Cuca succeeded Sampaoli in two jobs, at Santos and at Atlético-MG and his work at Atlético-MG is good. Atlético-MG plays well, Atlético-MG doesn’t prioritize competition, it’s the only team in Brazil that doesn’t rotate players,” says Arnaldo.

“He played against Fluminense in the Brazilian and in the Copa do Brasil with all the holders, the team physically well, the team exchanging several passes, involving, taking the initiative in the game, it’s a team, the teams that I like to see playing today are Flamengo, for their individuality, Atlético-MG always and Fortaleza always. So I think that in this matter of the gringos and the Brazilians, the pair that has remained in the big clubs, protagonists of Brazil, Cuca and Renato, I see it as a An interesting analysis of the situation of Cuca having succeeded Sampaoli in different clubs and having managed to increase the teams of Sampaoli”, he concludes

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