“As an artist and a woman, she deserves 11”, says Viviane Araújo about Luísa Sonza

Last Sunday (8/22), Luísa Sonza and Viviane Araújo starred in a real climax between them, at Globo’s Super Dança dos Famosos. The singer, who was part of the artistic jury, recalled a moment when she participated in the competition, when it was still inside Domingão do Faustão, in 2019.

Before giving the grade to the actress’ salsa performance, Sonza made a point of bringing out the assessment she received from her participation in the painting. The Leo Dias column found that Viviane would have been upset with the comment, which could have influenced the audience’s note, decisive for her elimination from the competition.

“I have a deal to tell. Vivi who took me out of Dancing with the Famous in 2019. She gave me 9.9. The grade I’m going to give today, I think I can understand…”, he declared. “Just kidding, I just wanted to give a little scare. You only gave me 9.9 because I didn’t even come close to what you did today, I don’t come close to the strength and brilliance you have here on stage”, praised the artist.


Do you think Viviane Araújo was silent? Not! “Look how life is, right people? Look who’s here in front of me today,” added the actress, laughing.

Sonza continued: “I was moved here because I remembered what I experienced here in salsa, I know how difficult it is and you guys did amazing things. It’s a nervousness here that I’ve never experienced in my life. Obviously, my grade is a ten for the merits of both of you. You guys are amazing, congratulations.”

The presenter Tiago Leifert made a point of commenting. “Look at what greatness, what a pure heart”. Fábio Porchat, who was also part of the artistic jury, joked: “Viviane went to see one of my shows and ended up not paying in full, she paid half.”

In the column, Viviane says that Sonza deserves an 11 as an artist and a woman. “I like her a lot, she’s a very determined girl, and I didn’t expect anything different. I didn’t give 10 in dance, but as an artist and woman, she deserves 11”, she declares.


Viviane Araújo was eliminated from the Super Dance of the Famous. She later commented on the result on her Instagram profile, saying that she emerged from the competition victorious. The actress also claimed to have done everything with her “soul”.

“When we manage to accomplish everything we set out to do, the feeling is of a washed soul! That’s why I screamed, cheered, jumped when I finished the salsa, wasn’t Rodrigo Oliveira partner? And to you Rodrigo, all my gratitude, because you believed in me and made me get here. We came out victorious, yes, because we danced with our soul and with all the love we feel for the dance!”, declared the artist.

Rodrigo Oliveira was the replacement for Adeilton Ribeiro, his first teacher at Super Dança dos Famosos. The exchange was carried out during the competition and the case generated controversy.