Banco do Brasil down? Reports point to system and app failure | Productivity

Banco do Brasil is off the air this Friday (27), as shown by reports on social networks. According to users, the BB system and app for Android and iPhone (iOS) do not work for payments, transfers and various functions. O TechAll managed to reproduce the error in the institution’s app. The causes of the failure are still unknown.

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Some Twitter posts point out that it is not even possible to make transactions or withdrawals at agencies. Wanted by TechAll, Banco do Brasil recognized the instability and said it was working to correct the problem.

“BB confirms inconsistency in its systems this Friday afternoon (27) and works to restore normalcy.”

Banco do Brasil down? App and system fail this Friday (27) — Photo: Reproduction/TechTudo

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Downdetector, a platform that monitors the status of various digital services, gathers several complaints that indicate Banco do Brasil is down today. The website indicates a peak of more than 3,000 reports, which began around 3:00 pm (GMT).

Bank in trouble today: Crash generates peak of more than 3000 error reports in Downdetector — Photo: Playback/Downdetector

Google Trends shows a sudden increase in Google searches for terms such as “BB offline”, “Banco Brasil offline” and “Banco do Brasil offline today 2021”, in addition to queries that point to application failures, on the institution’s website and system in general.

Google Trends shows increased interest in searches like ‘BB off the air’ — Photo: Reproduction/Google Trends

On social networks such as Twitter, users show surprise or dissatisfaction when they see that Banco do Brasil is down. Check out some of the reports below:

BB without system? User reports error when trying to use Banco do Brasil services — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Banco do Brasil application does not open? BB off the air is a hot topic on Twitter — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Reports show problems in the BB system — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Banco do Brasil’s application is offline — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter