Banco do Brasil system crashes and leaves customers unable to use app, cards and cashiers

Banco do Brasil customers are not able to access the app that gives access to the account this Friday afternoon (27/8). Problems also in the institution’s ATM network and even in issuing debit and credit cards are being reported by BB’s customers.

Through Twitter, the official profile of Banco do Brasil is informing internet users that it is working to solve the problem. Look:

Also on social networks there are reports of those who are dependent on paying something and cannot.

In a press release, the bank was brief about the episode: “BB confirms inconsistency in its systems this Friday afternoon, 27, and is working to restore normalcy,” he said in a note.


Banco do Brasil, which is public but publicly traded, recorded net income of R$5.5 billion in the second quarter, according to a balance sheet released in early August. It is an increase of 72.1% compared to the same period last year (R$ 3.2 billion).

Earlier this Friday, BB informed that, at a meeting held on August 18, the amount of R$ 527.136 million was approved as remuneration to shareholders for the third quarter of 2021, corresponding to R$ 0.18473964825 per share.