BC serves banks and fintechs and postpones phase 3

The Central Bank announced today the postponement of the start of the third phase of the open banking, from 30 August to 29 October this year. The decision, according to BC, meets the “demand structure responsible for the governance of the implementation” of the platform.

In a note, the BC explained that it had received a request for adjustments to the technical specifications. And this compromised the deadline for carrying out tests that allow the institutions to be certified.

Phase three called for “implementing the Pix payment transaction initiation service sharing”. With it, Pix users will be able to make payments through applications other than the bank where their key was registered.

For this, however, the customer must have authorized the sharing of the service. With open banking, the exchange of data and information of all bank customers between all companies in the financial sector will be allowed. The expectation of the Central Bank (BC) is that there will be more competition and less interest.

“The Central Bank reinforces its commitment so that Open Banking achieves its objectives, in a safe and effective way for the clients of the participating institutions, remaining vigilant in the process of its implementation”, says the statement.