Blizzard will change McCree’s name after harassment reports

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Recently, the Activision Blizzard was sued by the Department of Fair Labor and Housing of the state of California after a wave of accusations of harassment, sexism, discrimination and “behavior of fraternities” against male employees of the company, while women experience wage inequality and other humiliation.

Now, in an attempt to contain the damage, the Blizzard Entertainment formally announced through a statement in its twitter that will change the name of one of the most beloved characters in the game: Jesse McCree, who was named after a game designer at the company – who was fired after being accused of sexual harassment.

The statement says:

Overwatch’s universe was made with inclusion, equality and the hope of building a better future in mind. These are the core ideas of the Overwatch game and team.

To better reflect the fact that Overwatch is creating a team and reinforce that this is a fictional world and noticeably different from reality, as of now, the characters in the game will not have the names of company employees. So, let’s change the name of the character we know as McCree. This change will happen in the game and in all content going forward.

We know that any change to such a beloved and central character in the game takes time to develop well, and we will share updates as our work progresses. We planned to release a narrative arc in September with a new story and new in-game content, in which McCree was a key player. As we want to insert this shift into this arc, we will defer this story to sometime later this year and in its place we will release a new TCT map in September.

We are already working on these updates and they are part of our ongoing commitment to honesty and the changes needed for a future worth fighting for. We know that it is better to act than to speak, and we hope to show you our commitment to the quality of the Overwatch gaming experience and to the evolution of our team.

– Overwatch team

Jesse McCree is one of Overwatch’s most popular characters.

Jesse McCree was an employee of blizzard and, upon hearing the designer’s name, the creative team of overwatch liked the way it sounded and gave it to the game cowboy. However, after several complaints against several of the company’s employees, McCree being one of them, Blizzard decided to change the hero’s name. There is still no information about the new name he will have in the game.

The decision has received mixed responses from the public, while some believe there is no need to change the name; most players believe that the blizzard It should prioritize the well-being and safety of its employees before dealing with the public relations side, focusing on creating a safe and harassment-free work environment before making game changes with a focus on the public perception of the company.

Either way, the character will be the focus of an event in the future, which should bring a story and a new look to update his name.