Bolsonaro says ‘cancer’ has already arrived at the TSE: ‘It needs an end point’ – Politics

Jair Bolsonaro(photo: PR/Reproduce
Jair Bolsonaro (photo: PR/Reproduction)

President Jair Bolsonaro said this Friday (27/08) that the “cancer” has arrived at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and that I need to put an “end stop”. The statement was made to supporters on their way out of Palcio da Alvorada and refers to the General Inspector of the Court, Luis Felipe Salomo, who suspended the transfer of monetization to channels that spread misinformation about the electoral system.

“I’m not a male, I’m not the only one right. Now, on the other side, one or two guys can’t spoil Brazil’s democracy. Start pinning at the base of the pen, blocking social networks. And now the cancer is already there for TSE, There’s a guy there too who orders things to be demonetized. He has to put an end to that. And that’s within the four lines,” he claimed.

On the last 25th, the representative posted an excerpt of a video from a live dated April on social networks. In the publication, the president claimed to know where the “cancer in Brazil” is and said that he “knows what he has to do”. He also highlighted that “there is a way to win this war” if the population is equipped with information.

Although he did not mention names, the post came hours after Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco rejected the Chief Executive’s impeachment request against Supreme Court (STF) Minister Alexandre de Moraes and was seen as an indirect response to the powers that be .