Botafogo beats the leader Coritiba in Couto Pereira and sleeps in the G4 of the Brazilian Series B

An imposition victory by the Botafogo. This Friday, Alvinegro defeated Coritiba by 1-0 at Couto Pereira, in a match valid for the 21st round of Série B do Brasileirão, breaking the championship leader’s unbeaten record at home. Rafael Navarro scored the goal for Glorioso, who will sleep in the G4.

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With the result, the team led by Enderson Moreira reached 35 points and rose to 4th place. To remain in the G4 at the end of the round, Botafogo needs Náutico not to beat Vitória next Sunday. Coritiba continues with 39 points, leading the competition.

Coritiba’s next commitment will be a regional confrontation. Next Wednesday, Coxa will face Londrina at 9:30 pm, at Estádio do Café. Botafogo enters the field the following Saturday to measure forces with Remo, at 4:30 pm, at Baenão.

The match started balanced. Both Coritiba and Botafogo didn’t put themselves with very risky attacks and this was a keynote of the game for practically the entire beginning of the first half.

Little by little, Botafogo gained ground. Much of this started with the work of the players on the side of the field, which confused Coritiba’s marking and made Chay and Rafael Navarro free up in the center. The duo even forced goalkeeper Wilson to make good saves.

​This gain in the field of Botafogo, a short time later, became the ball in the net. After a mistake by Guilherme Biro, Chay dominated with great freedom in the midfield region and crossed to Rafael Navarro, who overcame Henrique and headed into the back of the net, putting Alvinegro ahead in the initial stage.

Coritiba didn’t make any changes at halftime, but came back with a very different posture for the second half. The thigh pressured Botafogo at the beginning of the complementary stage, mainly with attacks from the right side, exploiting Jonathan Silva, and crosses in the area.

The intensity was so high that the Botafogo side, who had already been treated for pain in the first half, couldn’t stand it and had to be replaced. Alvinegro’s defense managed to hold the Coxa’s impact momentum in the opening minutes of the second half.

At the end of the game, Coritiba put a natural pressure in search of a possible draw, but stopped in defense of Botafogo. In the end, Alvinegro won an imposing result and imposed the first defeat of the Coxa at home in this Serie B. Great result.


Date-Time: 08/27/2021, at 9:30 pm
Local: Couto Pereira Stadium, in Curitiba (PR)
Referee: Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira (SC)
assistants: Éder Alexandre (SC) and Gizeli Casaril (SC)
VAR: José Claudio Rocha Filho (SP)
Lawn: Good
yellow cards: Henrique, Val, Waguininho and Guilherme Biro (CTB); Warley and Rafael Navarro (BOT)
red cards: none

goals: Rafael Navarro (0-1, 37’/1ºT)

CORITIBA: Wilson; Natanael (Igor 24’/2ºT), Henrique, Luciano Castan, Guilherme Biro (Romário 37’/2ºT); Valdemir (Guilherme Azevedo 37’/2ºT), Willian Farias; Waguininho, Robinho (Rafinha 24’/2ºT), Igor Paixão; Leo Gamalho. Technician: Gustavo Morínigo.

BOTAFOGO: Diego Loureiro; Daniel Borges, Carli, Kanu, Jonathan Silva (Luís Oyama 14’/2ºT); Pedro Castro, Barreto; Warley, Chay (Ênio 37’/2ºT), Marco Antônio (Ricardinho 37’/2ºT); Rafael Navarro (Rafael Moura 37’/2ºT). Technician: Enderson Moreira.