Brazil has 42 new billionaires in 2021, the year of the pandemic

Despite the pandemic and the economic crisis that is taking place in Brazil, the country has 42 new representatives on the Forbes list of billionaires in 2021. According to the magazine, last year’s challenges heated up the capital market and favored the “super rich club” even more.

The richest Brazilian among the newcomers on the list is Marcelo Rodolfo Hahn, 52, with an estimated net worth of R$7.54 billion. In large part, the accumulated result is due to the participation in Blau Farmacêutica, one of the main companies in Latin America.

Another highlight is Israel Fernandes Salmen, 33 years old, and worth R$ 1.15 billion, for the listing of shares in his cashback company, Méliuz. The company’s partner and CEO, Ofli Campos Guimarães, is also on the list with a similar value to his colleague.

In addition to the traditional formations of the richest, the ranking opened space for Pedro Paulo Chiamulera, 57, a former athlete and computer scientist. Chiamulera, which won R$ 2.53 billion and has already competed in the Olympics, created and leads ClearSale, an anti-fraud company.

Roberto Saddy Chad, Dotz’s main shareholder, is another newcomer. At age 48, he accumulated R$1.53 billion.

Forbes sees more diversity in the 2021 ranking as the 42 new billionaires are from 34 different companies. Metalúrgica Schulz is one of the exceptions, with three new billionaires in the race: Gert Heinz Schulzr, Waldir Carlos Schulzr and Ovandi Rosenstock.

Forbes’ list in Brazil follows the same criteria as the United States to reach the richest. To be considered, billionaires need to have companies listed on stock exchanges as their main source of information.

In addition, the closing of the first half of 2021 was taken into account. That year, the combined assets of Brazil’s billionaires would be R$1.9 trillion.

The general ranking of the richest Brazilians, however, has little gender and race diversity. Among the ten biggest Brazilian billionaires, only white people and a single woman, the widow of Joseph Safra, Vicky Sarfati Safra. See the list:

  • 1st – Eduardo Luiz Saverin

Age: 39 years old

Equity: BRL 97.5 billion

Origin of Fortune: Facebook

Age: 81 years old

Equity: BRL 96.5 billion

Origin of fortune: Ambev, Banco Garantia

  • 3rd – Marcel Herrmann Telles

Age: 71 years old

Equity: BRL 64.5 billion

Origin of fortune: Ambev, Banco Garantia

  • 4th – Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira and family

Age: 71 years old

Equity: BRL 49.5 billion

Origin of fortune: Ambev, Banco Garantia

  • 5th – Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello

Age: 71 years old

Equity: BRL 46 billion

Origin of Fortune: Cosan

  • 6th – André Santos Esteves

Age: 52 years old

Equity: BRL 39.5 billion

Origin of fortune: Banco BTG Pactual

  • 7th – Vicky Sarfati Safra

Age: 68 years old

Equity: BRL 37 billion

Origin of fortune: Banco Safra

  • 8th – Alexandre Behring da Costa

Age: 54 years old

Equity: BRL 36.5 billion

Origin of Fortune: 3G Capital

  • 9th – Jacob, Esther, Alberto and David Safra

Age: 45, 43, 41 and 36 years old

Equity: BRL 35.5 billion

Origin of fortune: Banco Safra

  • 10th – Alceu Elias Feldmann

Age: 71 years old

Equity: BRL 30.5 billion

Origin of Fortune: Fertipar