Bruna Marquezine shows off her bosom when caught in a string bikini during serial recordings in Rio

Bruna Marquezine (26) was spotted during the recordings of the new Netflix series, Maldives.

Last Thursday, 26th, the actress was clicked by paparazzi while doing some external scenes in a hotel, located in São Conrado, in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

At the time, the artist needed to parade by the pool, sporting her impeccable shape in a bikini. Who was also spotted wasting her beauty and fitness was Manu Gavassi (28) and Sheron Menezes (37).

In the images, Bruna appeared beautiful with wavy hair and a fringe. In dark glasses, she emerged wearing a lilac hotpants thong bikini and a see-through mint-green beach skirt.

The Maldives series promises to be a success! With a strong cast like Carol Castro, Sheron Menezes, Klebber Toledo, William Winter, Samuel Melo and Natali Klein, the plot takes place in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, an upscale neighborhood in Rio.

In the plot, Marquezine will play Liz, a girl from Goiás who moves to Rio in search of meeting her mother. Manu, on the other hand, will play Milene, the ‘queen of the Maldives’, living a perfect-looking life with her mairdo, a plastic surgeon who will be played by Klebber Toledo.

Check out the screenshots of Bruna Marquezine showing off her bikini body in the Maldives recordings:

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