Bruno Jos designs game with CRB and says what has changed in Cruzeiro de Luxemburgo

(Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro)

Incumbent on Cruzeiro’s offensive system, Bruno Jos ensured that the team will handle all matches, until the end of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship, as “decisions”. The 23-year-old forward spoke of victory against the CRB, this Sunday, at 4 pm, at the Rei Pel stadium, in Macei-AL.

“We know it’s an important game, but all the games that lie ahead are extremely important. cruise will play all games as if they were decisions. We’re going to Macei to play a great game and seek victory over the CRB”, he projected.

In a press conference granted this Thursday, Bruno Jos was also asked how Vanderlei Luxembourg changed the Cruise. The striker highlighted that the coach’s experience and the possibility for the players to absorb this was a key point for the team to win again.

“All the players in the offensive sector have evolved a lot. Professor Luxemburg has a lot of experience in football, he’s been passing on the wisdom for us to improve each day. I’m very young, young, so keep taking this experience to evolve in football.” , he said.

Under the command of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Cruzeiro has two draws (Vitria and Sampaio Corra) and three wins (Brusque, Nutico and trust). The coach scored 11 points out of a possible 15 – 73.3%.

On Sunday, Cruzeiro have the most complicated commitment since the arrival of the coach. CRB is going through a great phase and has not been defeated for nine games in the Second Division. For the match, Luxembourg cannot count on Marcelo Moreno, top scorer of the cast of the season.