Caio Castro defaults, is discovered and reacts impressively

Caio Castro
Caio Castro commented on the story revealed by Giovanna Lancellotti (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Caio Castro decided to go to social networks to comment on the impact of the participation of Giovanna Lancellotti in What History is this, Porchat?, by the GNT. That’s because he was mentioned in a story presented by the actress.

In the program last Tuesday (24), the famous said that she and the actor defaulted on a hospital in Chile. On Instagram, The artist then played the video and wrote: “HAHA HA. What a fdp (sic) she told everything”. Then he published several laugh emojis.

Giovanna Lancellotti stated that she and Caio traveled to the country at the invitation of a magazine, to take photos in Valle Nevado. They took two friends. Because of a party at the hotel, they ended up receiving many complaints and decided to spend a few days in Santiago, to wait for the dust to settle.

The group then visited a mall, where they found an artificial wave pool. Caio Castro decided to surf, but fell off his board and ended up getting seriously injured. They proceeded to the hospital.

“The doctor said, ‘You fractured your collarbone into eight pieces. You need to operate now. Either you are now going to operate in Brazil or you enter the operating room and operate here’. Caio wanted to return to Brazil. Meanwhile, I went to settle the bill and the woman said she gave three thousand pesos”, recalled the famous.

The artist added that the friend, who was called by her “cow hand”, refused to pay: “He said he wasn’t going to pay and I also said I wasn’t going to pay. At the end of the hallway was an emergency door. He looked and said the following sentence: ‘On three, we run’”.

“He left running with the sling. Me running after him. Nobody understanding anything. We escaped from the hospital without paying the bill. We called the magazine later and said: ‘We didn’t have a wallet. This problem happened. We had nothing’. They ended up bearing this cost”, reported Lancellotti.

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