Calleri still doesn’t define the future and São Paulo can take advantage of the short term for Europeans; values ​​should go down

the argentinian Jonathan Calleri, as happened in recent years during periods of transfer windows, was one of the main names being aired behind the scenes of the São Paulo recently. With the tricolor board looking for a new center forward, the 27-year-old player was sought out. However, the requested values ​​made impossible that a I wake up was closed.

At the time of the most recent search, São Paulo promptly refused the figures presented by Calleri’s staff, considered outside the reality of the club. After passing through Osasuna, in Spain, the representatives from argentinian glimpse an new opportunity in european football, but the short deadline already start cheer up The high dome paulista.

In the Old Continent, teams from the top leagues in the world, such as England, Italy, Spain, France and Germany, can only sign players until the 31st of August.. So far, Calleri’s staff did not advance in any situation in Europe with clubs that showed interest in the striker.

In 6 months, Calleri scored 16 goals in 31 games for Tricolor (Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF)

In 6 months, Calleri scored 16 goals in 31 games for Tricolor (Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF)

According to information in the report of “Gazeta Esportiva”, if they do not reach an agreement in European football, the entrepreneurs from argentine will be forced B.CConsider offers from South America, with more modest values in relation to those that were being requested for clubs abroad.

Given this scenario, the São Paulo he can take advantage of the situation to advance through Calleri by smaller figures of the initial order. Tricolor is pondering the situation behind the scenes and, even in the face of the financial crisis it is facing, it does not close the doors to a market opportunity of this type.