Cau becomes key player with Siston and wingman absurd numbers at Corinthians U-20

Cauê was hastily judged in his career as a professional. It only took seven games as a starter to be labeled by many as an irreversible failure. The surrounding context, of a maladjusted collective, where each and every center forward did not play, was disregarded for those who seemed to root for the young man to be bad.

Although it doesn’t add much relevance to the text, I think it’s worth pointing out that Cauê’s career as a professional was not just bad performances. Against Santos, São Paulo, and Inter de Limeira, they played good games. In Majestoso, by the way, he did very well in the individual duels against the defender Miranda, the best in the position in the country.

With Sylvinho in charge, Cauê returns to the base with the mission of regaining confidence and continuing to develop (he is only 18 years old). Correct decision by the coaching staff, which took from the spotlight a player who was striding to get burned by the crowd.

Without pressure, with confidence, and in an organized team, Cauê shows that he is on the way to becoming a great striker. Since Diogo Siston’s arrival as coach of the Under-20 team, the striker’s eight goals in seven games played. An average of one goal every 83 minutes played, considering that he did not play all the matches in full. And these are not goals against low-quality opponents: the goals were against Cruzeiro, Palmeiras, Grêmio, Red Bull Bragantino and Atlético-GO.

By way of comparison, last season, when he won space in the Brazilian Under-20 team, he scored the same eight goals, but in 28 games.

In the current scheme, it acts as a kind of second attacker, seeking to attack the opponents defenders’ backs. At his side, Felipe Augusto, more fixed, giving Cauê freedom to be more mobile.

With confidence, Cauê will give you what a center forward needs to do. With Renato Augusto and Giuliano creating chances for him, the ceiling is very high.

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