Celso Portiolli talks about replacing Silvio Santos

Celso Portiolli received the difficult mission of replacing Silvio Santos in the new “Show do Milhão”, premiering on September 3rd on SBT. Once he learned of the assignment, the presenter watched older versions of the quiz game to recall the “boss” performance on stage. However, when recording the pilot, he assumes that he initially did not like the result.

I watched Silvio Santos a few times at the Show do Milhão. When you’re watching it, it seems like it’s simple, but when I made the pilot I thought: ‘Wow, I have to improve.’ It’s the intonation of the voice when you ask the question, the agility to give the answer, it’s a lot of details. a million things to do“, said Portiolli today at the launch of the program to the press.

Upon receiving the call from Fernando Pelegio, artistic director of SBT, the presenter disbelieved that Silvio Santos had allowed him to replace him in the program. Portiolli says that the “file took a long time to fall”:

I thought Pelegio had lost his mind. I asked: ‘Are you sure about this? Is Silvio aware of this? After I hung up I still thought: ‘Pelegio isn’t doing well’. It’s a really big gift. At the opening of the program my first word was ‘thank you’. It’s a trophy, as if I had won another Press Trophy.

After recording the pilot, Portioli officially went on stage today for the recording of the program that will air. With “less adrenaline”, he believes he did better:

I was happier with today’s performance. Beats a wonderful feeling. I started on SBT behind the camera. I made big programs, smaller ones, I replaced presenters, anyway. I feel the station knows it can count on me for any program.

Celso Portiolli at the new 'Show do Milhão' - Reproduction/SBT - Reproduction/SBT

Celso Portiolli at the new ‘Show do Milhão’

Image: Reproduction/SBT

The new ‘Million Show’

Under the command of Celso Portiolli, the new “Show do Milhão” opens on Friday, September 3, at 23:15, on SBT. There will be 13 episodes in the first season, with the possibility of a second season soon.

In the game of questions and answers, the participant competes for R$ 1 million, and can count on four help in the sequence of 16 questions. They are the letters, cards, questions jumps and help from university students. The new version of the program gains a master sponsor and is now called the PicPay Million Show.

"Million Show" - Disclosure/SBT - Disclosure/SBT

“Show do Milhão” was led by Silvio Santos

Image: Disclosure/SBT