check the payment schedule and withdrawal of the 5th installment

Informal workers born in June receive today (25) the fifth installment of the new round of emergency aid. The benefit has installments from R$150 to R$375, depending on the family.

Payment will also be made to those enrolled in the Federal Government’s Single Registry of Social Programs (CadÚnico) born in the same month. The money is deposited in digital savings accounts and can be used through the Caixa Tem application. Only two to three weeks after the deposit, the money can be withdrawn in cash or transferred to a checking account.

Participants in Bolsa Família with a Social Enrollment Number (NIS) at end 6. The dates for the extension of the benefit were announced two weeks ago.

THE PEOPLE Below is a table with the full schedule of the benefit, with the date of withdrawal and deposit of the fifth installment.

THE sixth installment The benefit will start to be paid on September 17th for those who receive Bolsa Família and on the 21st of the same month for the general public. Next, the seventh and last installment The benefit is expected to start being paid on October 18th for Bolsa Família beneficiaries and on October 20th for the general public.

The right to cash withdrawal of the aid for the general public will be granted approximately two weeks after the deposit in the account of the aid amount, with respect to the Bolsa Família beneficiaries who receive the aid, they are entitled to the withdrawal on the same day as the benefit deposit is made.

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THE PEOPLE Lists below all the information disclosed about the next installments of the 2021 emergency aid, as well as a table with a schedule of dates for payment and withdrawal of each deposit.

Beneficiaries will receive, through messages via WhatsApp, information about payment and withdrawal of the next installments of the aid, as announced by the president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, when disclosing the extension of the benefit in July.

The payment of the new installments created will follow the same principle of payment tiered according to the date of birth for the general public and taking into account the last digit of the NIS for Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

Fifth installment of 2021 emergency aid: payment schedule for Bolsa Família beneficiaries

  • NIS ending 1: august 18th
  • NIS ending 2: August 19th
  • NIS ending 3: August 20th
  • NIS ending 4: August 23rd
  • NIS ending 5: August 24th
  • NIS ending 6: August 25th
  • NIS ending 7: august 26
  • NIS ending 8: August 27
  • NIS ending 9: August 30
  • NIS ending 0: August, 31

Fifth installment of 2021 emergency aid: payment schedule (deposit into account) for general public

  • born in january – August 20th
  • born in february – August 21
  • born in march – August 21
  • born in april – August 22
  • born in may – August 24th
  • born in june – August 25th
  • born in july – August 26th
  • born in august – August 27
  • born in september – August 28
  • born in october – August 28
  • born in november – August 29
  • born in december – August, 31

Fifth installment of 2021 emergency aid: withdrawal schedule for the general public

  • born in january – September 1st
  • born in february – September 2nd
  • born in march – September 3rd
  • born in april – September 6th
  • born in may – September 9th
  • born in june – September 10th
  • born in july – September 13th
  • born in august – September 14th
  • born in september – September 15th
  • born in october – September 16
  • born in november – September 17th
  • born in december – September 20

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