Chico Pinheiro mentions PT in a shocking review of Bolsonaro on Globo

Chico Pinheiro
Chico Pinheiro sends a message to Bolsonaro live on Globo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Chico Pinheiro attacked the minister Paulo Guedes in his live entry at Bom Dia São Paulo, minutes before the start of Bom Dia Brasil. the anchor of Globe mocked a speech by the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in response to the economist’s speech about the increase in the electricity bill.

“[O] Brazil should announce the red flag maintenance, at a higher level. Government keeps the red flag and the bill could go up even more. Minister Paulo Guedes said yesterday ‘no use sitting and crying’. What will you do then? Let’s turn off the light to see if we don’t run out of light or money”, poked.

Last Thursday (26), Paulo Guedes spoke about the extra tax due to the water crisis. “It’s no use sitting around crying”, shot. “What’s the problem with energy getting a little more expensive?”he asked. The speech caused reactions in various sectors of the government and the population.

Rodrigo Bocardi repudiated the latest statements by Bolsonaro’s assistant. “We laugh at this scenario. In radio [CBN], we commented on the recent statements of minister Paulo Guedes and the result of the economy and someone went there and wrote: ‘master of the magicians’”, commented.

“Every hour he gets scared with things, every hour… There is a lack of action and attitude, no [precisamos de] statements like these, people are tired of knowing they have to save everything for life. Now another raise and ‘no, it’s okay’, ‘it looks like everything’s going to work out’. Another said that they promised the post and delivered the bomb to us”, needled.

Chico Pinheiro took the floor and quoted the phrase said by Bolsonaro in the 2018 election against PT. At the time, the then presidential candidate said that “the flag [do Brasil] it will never be red”, in response to the PT governors. “They say that our flag will never be red, look. It doesn’t change color, only red”, provoked.

Paulo Carvalho

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