Corinthians pays back July salaries; Giuliano confirms

O Corinthians paid the payroll for the month of July for professional players. In an interview with the Game Open, gives Band, player Giuliano confirmed the deposit, which was delayed since the last 5th of this month.

“The club paid us yesterday (Thursday), they paid the salary that was overdue for the month of July,” said Giuliano.

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The Alvinegra board is now running to resolve the disputes with the base categories. It was three months late. Corinthians managed to pay for two months and hopes to rectify the situation by the beginning of the week.

the steering wheel Gabriel even commented on the topic at the press conference on the 13th: “We have a very clear head about this, because our board of directors is always being very clear with us. We know the situation at the club.”

Later, on the 19th, Duílio granted exclusive interview with Gazeta Esportiva and confirmed the difficulty in making payments due to the club’s cash flow.

“But it’s nice to make it clear that at Corinthians we have a very good relationship with the athletes, they are always together, understanding, following what has been happening on a day-to-day basis with regard to blockades, so there is great tranquility in us in relation to that,” the president said.

At the same time, Timão moves in the market – settled with Roger Guedes, the club hopes to announce the striker later this Friday. The lateral João Pedro is another one who should reinforce the team, coming from Porto on loan.

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