‘Couldn’t do it’ · TV News

Marked to this day by her work as Cassandra in Sai de Baixo (1996-2002), Aracy Balabanian confessed that she even asked to leave the cast of the comedian right from the start. She felt she couldn’t keep up with her fellow cast members, who were far more experienced in comedy than the veteran.

“I arrived at a period, right at the beginning of the Sai de Baixo recordings, when I asked Daniel Filho, who was still directing at the time, to leave. He said: ‘I don’t have it. [o timing], I do not follow the mood. I don’t know how to do it because I’m laughing along with them’. I laughed with them,” recalled the 81-year-old actress during her participation in É de Casa this Saturday (28).

The idea of ​​giving up everything was circumvented by the director, who stated that the actress’ laughter was, in fact, a production weapon. “Daniel said to me: ‘Oh, if you want to laugh, laugh. It’s one of the reasons we do comedy.’ And that’s really what happened. Laughing at them, I completed the joke, I was part of the audience at that moment. So I laughed freely, had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing it.”

And I really laughed, sometimes I couldn’t even follow through with the text. then Miguel [Falabella] and Tom [Cavalcante] they did it even more directly to make me laugh, because the audience already knew I was going to laugh and laughed along with it. It’s a game, right? This interaction that existed between audience and stage, everyone laughed and it was a moment of great happiness.

Once this initial problem had been overcome, Aracy started to have so much fun with the misadventures at Largo do Arouche that she was against the end of the comedy in 2002. “Me and Tatá [Luis Gustavo] we were in favor of continuing to do Low Sai for the rest of our lives. But then, for circumstances that we all know, at one point it had to stop,” he lamented.

The fear of doing comedy got in the way. “I really like humor, I think it’s a quick and smart way to make the public think more. Humor is only given to those who think, those who reason, because boring people really don’t have any humor”, he philosophized.

Without making a soap opera from start to finish since 2016, when she appeared in Sol Nascente, Aracy was cast in Como Mais Vida, Melhor, the next plot of the seven, but had to leave the cast for health reasons.