Creators of Sailfish OS, alternative to Android, make the company profitable after almost ten years

Jolla was formed in 2011 after Nokia canceled its MeeGo smartphone platform in favor of Windows Phone, and then Sailfish OS was born. And even today, with more longevity than Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10, the system remains one of the few alternatives to Android on the market.

Ten years after its formation, the TechCrunch portal now reported that Jolla only became profitable last year. According to the information, the company saw its revenue grow 53% year on year and the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of 34%.

The company has been offering the Sailfish OS to smartphone users for a few years. Consumers can opt for a free trial or spend €49.90 (about R$300) in a version that comes with support for Android apps, support for text suggestions, software updates, and more — the basics anyway, but it depends on user input. Jolla also licenses its smartphone platform to governments and businesses.

Harmony OS is another recent alternative mobile platform, but Jolla CEO Sami Pienimäki told TechCrunch he doesn’t see Huawei’s platform as a rival.

Its latest product is AppSupport for Linux Platforms, bringing Android application support to Linux-based platforms such as automotive infotainment systems and other embedded systems.

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