Daniella Pineda scoffs at macho comments after releasing the live-action photos

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Earlier this week, the Netflix released the first images of the live-action adaptation of the anime Cowboy Bebop. While some fans were really pleased with the characterization of their favorite characters, others didn’t really like what they saw, especially regarding the character. faye valentine.

On the internet, fans of the anime showed their indignation with sexist comments, criticizing the fact that Daniella Pineda does not have a body similar to the character Faye Valetine and that her costume is not exactly faithful to the design.

As you can see in the image below, Faye wears in the anime a low-cut yellow blouse, low-slung yellow shorts, black suspenders and a loose red jacket. In Netflix’s live-action series, the production has opted to strip away any vestige of sexualization from the costume, even though it has some obvious similarities to the original.

Faye Valentine in the anime compared to the Netflix series version

In light of the comments, actress Daniella Pineda used Instagram’s Story function to speak directly to fans who criticized the live-action choices. In an ironic tone, the actress apologized for not having the same body as Faey Valentine’s version of the anime. Check out:

“First, I wanted to apologize to fans for not anatomically corresponding to Faye Valentine’s character. Six-foot-five breasts, two-inch waist… You know, they looked for that woman everywhere and couldn’t find her, really weird… So they got my little ass.”

She continued mocking, saying that she should put herself in a time machine to get different parents and thus be a little taller. Then she talked about the costume:

“You know, we tried, but doing action scenes, things go up, they tear, sometimes they just completely lost… Anyway, as I was saying, that original costume, they did some of them, but like I said, they kind of got swallowed up by my body, never to be recovered, so we needed to build something that could stand the test of time.”

Some fans of Cowboy Bebop viewed Pineda’s video as an insult, even sending private messages to the actress. Others, on the other hand, supported the artist’s indignation, even saying that her attitude reflects exactly the attitude that Faye Valentine would have.

The live-action series of Cowboy Bebop debuts on Netflix in November 19th.

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