David Miranda denounces Record to the Public Ministry for reporting on ‘gender ideology’ – 08/27/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

Congressman David Miranda (PSOL-RJ) sent to the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office for Citizens’ Rights, this Friday (27), a representation against TV Record because of a report that addressed the so-called “gender ideology” in schools .

The play was aired last Sunday (22), on the program “Sunday Spectacular”.

Miranda accuses the station of practicing and inciting homophobia. He asks that a procedure be instituted to investigate the existence of a criminal act that results in the criminal liability of TV Record and the journalists involved in the report.

“Although the report has the distinct ability to generate social panic and foment LGBTIphobia, this odious intention becomes even more offensive when, without any scientific basis, the report addresses the inclusion of LGBT issues in schools in Sweden, Scotland, England and the USA and states that such inclusion was responsible ‘for the increase in mental disorders in children’”, says the congressman in the action.

“The report promoted by TV Record, a public concessionaire, does not make any counterpoint with scholars or researchers on the subject, bringing only the personal opinion of fathers, mothers and professionals who are against the so-called ‘gender ideology’ which, as stated elsewhere, does not exist scientifically speaking,” continues Miranda.

Questioned, TV Record did not respond until the publication of this text.

The term “gender ideology” has been consolidated in religious documents and among conservative groups who see in this discussion a supposed risk of destruction of the traditional family.

as showed the sheet, attempts to ban approaches to gender identity in schools accumulate series defeats in the STF (Supreme Federal Court). At least four decisions consolidated the understanding that the veto of the theme in education is unconstitutional.

According to educators, the educational approach to gender can help combat teenage pregnancy, violence against women, sexism and homophobia. By vetoing it, legislation prevents teachers from being prepared to deal with these issues.

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