Diniz has another athlete in the DM and loses two holders from the same sector to the duel against Flamengo

If the problems he already has to climb Peixe weren’t enough, coach Fernando Diniz will have one more problem to solve. This Friday (27), the defender Luiz Felipe was diagnosed with an injury that keeps him away from Santos’ next game, against Flamengo, this Saturday (27), at Vila Belmiro, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão.

The fish medical department found that the defender has a “mild edema in the myotendinous region of the posterior thigh”. Treatment began immediately if the problem was confirmed, however, it is not known how long it will take for Luiz Felipe to return to the pitch.

The situation is worrying, as it hits the team’s defensive sector. In addition to the loss of Luiz Felipe, Diniz also does not have Kayky, who was sidelined by injury. With this, Santos will not have their first defense against Flamengo. Kaiky had a Grade 2 injury to her rectus femoris and had been out of it for about four or five weeks.

Defender Luiz Felipe is the new member of Vila Belmiro’s medical department – Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

In Diniz’s scarce range of options to compose the sector, are Danilo Boza and Robson Reis. Wagner Leonardo was already being used to make up for Kayky’s absence. In addition to their central defense, Peixe has four other players in the process of treating injuries: forward Marinho, with a bruise on his thigh, goalkeeper John, with a meniscal injury in his knee, Kevin Malthus, also with a meniscal injury in his knee, and Vinícius Zanocelo, with discomfort in the right thigh.