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Woman disguised herself as a nurse to kidnap babyreproduction

Posted 27/08/2021 16:35 | Updated 08/27/2021 4:36 PM

Mexico City – A woman dressed as a nurse and entered a hospital in the city of Zapopan, Mexico, to kidnap a newborn. As soon as she found the child, the woman asked the mother to hand her over to undergo a medical procedure and ran away with the baby, this Wednesday (25).

After the incident, professionals reported the situation and there were intense searches for the woman, according to the Infobae portal. In a publication on social networks, this Thursday (26), the local police informed that the baby was found in the parking lot of a building on Rua Arco Flecha, in the same region. The victim was taken to hospital for medical evaluation.

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, confirmed the news through his Twitter account and stated that the child is in “perfect condition”.

“With the preliminary confirmation of the identity by the father, we announce with great joy that the baby who was stolen yesterday from the Hospital Geral do Oeste has already been located. His health status was evaluated at the Hospital de Zapopan and is in perfect condition.” wrote Alfaro.

The case is still under investigation and the person responsible for the kidnapping has not yet been located.