DJ Alok: Twitter and YouTube profiles get hacked

The profiles of Brazilian DJ Alok on Twitter and YouTube were hacked this Friday (27). The clearest indications of this began after the official Twitter account began posting a standardized message about a cryptocurrency event allegedly hosted by billionaire Elon Musk.

“Elon Musk’s most legendary event has begun. I prepared for a long time 🙂 Come on (link to a post on Medium blog site). Wonderful day,” says the tweet that was sent in response to several people, including Brian Armstromg (co-founder of Coinbase brokerage) and Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter).

On YouTube, the musician’s channel even appeared under the name “Cardano”, which is a computing platform that runs the blockchain for the ADA cryptocurrency. All content was taken off the air and subscribers were notified with a live aimed at digital coins.


In addition to the name change, Twitter users discovered that videos about the ADA cryptocurrency were even published.


Apparently, the musician has already managed to access the networks again. The YouTube channel was renamed “Alok” and several of the Twitter posts were deleted.

similar scams

The possibility of a hacker attack on the DJ profile is very high, as there is a history of this type of attack. In July 2020, cybercriminals managed to take over the Twitter accounts of several famous people to ask for cryptocurrencies.

At the time, celebrity accounts (such as Kanye West, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Joe Biden) began asking for bitcoins, saying they would return double the amount to the transferee.

Investigations concluded that a group of young people managed to access Slack’s internal channels from employees of the social network. The channels had credentials to make possible access to the Twitter moderation panel, which allowed the control of more than 130 celebrity accounts.


Another notable case was that of the angry youtuber, who similarly lost his YouTube channel in late 2020.


O TechWorld contacted Alok’s staff to inquire about the posts on the DJ’s profiles and will update the text if the subject is answered.