Elden Ring will have multiple endings and stealth similar to Sekiro

FromSoftware released, during Gamescom 2021, a 16-minute demo of Elden Ring. Among the news reported by vehicles that had access to the content, it was informed that the game will have different endings and stealth mechanics similar to Sekiro.

According to the IGN American, the title will give a lot of freedom to the player. At the beginning of the demo, which was not playable (hands-off), an open field with several directions to go is shown. However, there will be a kind of guiding light for a recommended path, which may or may not be followed.

As shown in the first trailer, to navigate the giant map it will be possible to summon the horse, which can climb cliffs, giving verticality to the gameplay. Also, to make the player situated, a map will be shown (for the first time in the series soulsborne).

The scenarios are also full of items, dungeons with traps and groups of different enemies, some of them gathered around bonfires, dragons and other species. The feeling is that the universe of The Lands Between (the game’s universe name) is very alive, according to IGN.


O The Washington Post wrote that many encounters with enemies are optional, as are paths that can or cannot be followed. Freedom will even affect the endings, which will be distinct. “We try to give as much freedom as possible to the exploration of the world,” Yasuhiro Kitao, spokesperson for the FromSoftware.

“Although we are still in the process of testing and determining the final game time, we feel that this will vary greatly from player to player, depending on what kind of route they take around the world and what they find,” he added.

Regarding the construction of the character, you will be able to choose what type of build you prefer to build, choosing to increase magic, defense, luck, attack etc. Characters with archer and mage traits can also fight on horseback, for example.

Enemies can be killed in a stealth mode very similar to that of Sekiro, as it will be allowed to hide among the foliage. Another interesting detail is that the game will have a jump button, which will serve mainly to explore the Legacy Dungeons, which are separate areas with challenges, similar to what’s in dark souls. In this environment, it is not possible to call the horse.

Combat will be based on a time and reaction scheme, just like the other FromSoftware games. The cautious approach, but one that encourages the player to attack, will be back. Among the new features will be the “guard counter” mechanic, which players can counterattack immediately after blocking a move. You will also need to be careful, however, as the guard counter could generate an enemy counterattack.


Still according to the The Washington Post, the game will have a hub with NPCs that will have different roles. One of the characters will be a soft-spoken maiden who exchanges experience points for upgrades, similar to the doll of bloodborne.

About the story, Kitao explained that Elden Ring it will have a more direct narrative, as many players complained that FromSoftware titles are hard to understand.

“There were many comings and goings between [Hidetaka] Miyazaki and George [R.R. Martin] to get that good feeling,” he said. “After that, George kindly handed us over and said ‘take it and do what you want with it.’ You can think of the current time or period of game events written by Miyazaki. But it’s influenced to some extent by that original myth created by George Martin,” he said.

The Japanese developer’s representative also made it clear that there is no direct relationship between the upcoming game and the others in the series. souls, since The Lands Between mythology is completely original.

Despite this, Kitao did not deny that the Moonlight Greatsword (weapon that appears in dark souls) is present in the game, as this is a theory that appeared on the internet some time ago. Even so, he was keen to emphasize that the stories do not overlap.

Elden Ring will be released on January 21, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.