Emergency Aid and Bolsa Família will come to an end at the same time

The Federal Government has decreed that two of its main programs must come to an end at the same time. According to the official calendar of the project, the two must make their last payments in the month of October. Soon after that, Planalto should start paying a new benefit.

According to the official calendar, Emergency Aid and Bolsa Família must make the last payments around the same date. Respectively speaking, the first must make its last transfer on October 31st. The second should end on the 29th of the same month. At least that’s what the official data say.

As a result, something around 41 million citizens will be orphans from one or both programs. According to information from the Ministry of Citizenship, today the Emergency Aid reaches 37 million Brazilians. Bolsa Família currently makes payments to approximately 4 million citizens.

It is worth remembering that, officially speaking, Bolsa Família serves something around 14.7 million Brazilians. However, at this moment, at least 10 million users of the program are receiving installments of Emergency Assistance. At least that’s what official data from the Ministry of Citizenship say.

Anyway, the Federal Government says that these two programs will be replaced by a new one. So at least a part of these orphaned users will be able to join this new project from November. The benefit will be called Auxílio Brasil and should have an average payment higher than Bolsa Família.

not for everyone

It is worth remembering, however, that the Federal Government has not yet defined how many people will be able to enter this new program. The text of the bill that is in the National Congress does not show this information.

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Behind-the-scenes statements show that the Government wants Brazil Aid to reach around 17 million Brazilians. This number, it is worth remembering, is not yet official. Planalto Palace should confirm this by the end of September.

If this information is confirmed, then it can be said that the number of people who will enter the new Auxílio will be smaller than the number of Brazilians who will lose benefits from the end of August.

In addition to the aid

The Federal Government’s total bet is now on economic recovery. Members of the Ministry of Economy believe that the mass vaccination will help the country to regain the pace of job creation seen in previous years.

So the plan is to allow a portion of the users of current social programs to join Auxílio Brasil. The other party could enter the labor market and from then on no longer depend on these social programs from the Federal Government.

The equation sounds simple, but it doesn’t always work. It is worth remembering that this was also the executive power’s plan for the beginning of this year. However, the idea went so wrong that they had to come back with the Emergency Relief payments.

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