“Everyone has to buy a rifle”, defends Bolsonaro

posted on 08/27/2021 11:35 AM

  (credit: Reproduction / Social Networks)

(credit: Reproduction / Social Networks)

President Jair Bolsonaro stated this Friday (27/08) that “everyone has to buy a rifle”. The statement was made to supporters at the exit of Palácio da Alvorada when commenting on decrees related to Collectors, Sport Shooters and Hunters (CACs) and farmers.

“Everyone has to buy a rifle, man. Armed people will never be enslaved. I know it’s expensive. Then there’s an idiot who says “Oh, you have to buy beans”. who wants to buy,” he fired.

Yesterday, in nod to his arms policy, the president returned to defending the possession and possession of weapons for the population. The president mocked press reports pointing out that the number of arms purchases has doubled year after year and countered saying he expects it to “quintuple”. According to the president, “the more armed the people are, the better it is for everyone”

Even today, Bolsonaro said he doesn’t want to interfere with other powers and governs within the Constitution, but “it’s difficult to govern the country that way.”

“There are tools inside (the Constitution) to win the war. There are people outside. It is difficult to govern a country this way. The only one of the Powers that is watched all the time and charged is me. What happens to the There’s no problem on that side. I don’t want to interfere with that side, and I won’t. Now, we have to let us work on that side,” he added.

He even denied intention to do the coup. “Some say I want to do a coup. They’re idiots, I’m already the president, dammit,” he justified. Regarding the acts of September 7, the president reinforced that he will participate in Brasília and São Paulo and denied that pro-government protesters could cause riots in the streets. “Our people who go to the streets don’t deprive heritage, don’t throw stones at the Military Police [Polícia Militar], does not invade anything. They are good people”.

During the late morning, Bolsonaro took part in the Special Operations Command handover ceremony in Goiânia. With no official schedule in the afternoon, he is expected to participate in a motorcycle in the city.