Ex-BBB Sarah Andrade is the muse of the new Israel & Rodolfo music video and receives praise; check out behind the scenes | famous

Sarah Andrade is smothering outside the BBB21 house and now she’s a music video muse, okay? The digital marketing consultant is the protagonist of the clip “Melhor Que Muita Gente”, a song that has just been released by the duo Israel & Rodolffo. The novelty is part of the album “Aqui e Agora” and the ex-BBB performs her first role in a mega production.

Sarah Andrade is a seductive woman in the Israel and Rodolfo video — Photo: Disclosure

“It was an amazing experience that I would like to repeat more often. I think I did well in front of the cameras, despite the butterflies in my stomach to launch a national production”, she said during the release live alongside the duo.

Sarah plays the role of a woman investigated for stealing passionate hearts. As she goes through the lie detector, she is assisted by Israel & Rodolffo in a studio overlooking the investigation room. There were 10 hours of recording and in no time she dropped the shuttlecock, muse right?

Sarah is Israel and Rodolfo’s music video muse — Photo: Disclosure

The pair hope to solve the case, but there’s an atmosphere between Sarah and the detective and it all ends up in beer. Sarah’s performance caught the attention of the entire production, including the musicians. “She is wonderful and had a very professional performance that surprised everyone”, confessed Israel.

When answering some questions from fans during the release live, Rodolffo asked if Sarah didn’t dream of having a career in television, and her answer was: “I really enjoyed my participation and who knows, in the future, with a lot of study and dedication I can dream yes. It’s one more front of my career that I want to pursue”.

Sarah and Rodolffo live a little climate in a clip — Photo: Disclosure

The release of “Melhor Que Muita Gente” was in the most talked about topics on Twitter and the clip debuted at #4 in the high songs of digital platforms.

Sarah in a clip that lasted 10 hours — Photo: Publicity

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Sarah and Rodolffo — Photo: Gshow

Together, they enjoyed many parties and selfies

Rodolffo and Sarah — Photo: Globo

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Sarah and Rodolffo gif — Photo: Globo

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