ex-BBB21’s affair with shirtless photos

Plínio Vasconcelos, dentist and affair of Gil of Vigor, left fans of the economist and ex-BBB21 impressed last Thursday (26), after sharing photos on Instagram in which he appears showing the cracked abdomen. The boy, who has more than 28,000 followers on the social network, drove the audience crazy with the moment.

“#tbt”, wrote Plínio, in the publication’s caption. The clique, which received thousands of likes from internet users, also drew attention due to the comments. Fans said that Gil “is lucky” to be having an alleged romance with the boy, who is “cute”.

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“Lucky Gil,” wrote a follower. “Beautiful”, admired another internet user. “Gil must be gone,” commented a bolder fan. “They make a beautiful couple”, declared one netizen, among several comments and emojis.

Recently, Plínio was invited by Gil to meet his mother, Jacira Santana, and his sister, at a dinner held at the famous man’s house, in São Paulo. The moment was filmed by the economist’s mother, leaving the ex-BBB21 “unfunny” with the record.

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