Exclusive! The relationship between Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera comes to an end

About to complete two years together, Caio Castro and Grazi Massafera ended their relationship. To friends, he has already shown that he is no longer wearing the engagement ring.

The column found that the actor left the actress’ apartment in Rio and returned to São Paulo.


Rumors of crisis in the relationship began earlier this year, but all crises were denied by their respective advisors.

That week, as soon as the column learned of the end, it went back to looking for Caio’s team, who laughed at the situation and said they would still be together.

But the relationship ended for good. So much so that we already know that an old Caio affair is about to return to his life and the two have already arranged to meet. But the girl’s identity the column will only reveal this Saturday (28/8).