Fans “can’t imagine what’s to come,” says Tom Holland

the british star Tom Holland resorted to stories of Instagram to comment on your reaction (and the fan reaction who interacted with him) to bombastic trailer release for Spider-Man: No Return Home. stuffed with surprises, references and breaking records since it hit the internet, the preview of the new production of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was revealed at an inopportune moment for its main star: Holland was in a plane, in the middle of a flight.

“I’ve been flying for the last 10 hours so I didn’t publish the trailer, my brother Harry did it.”, explained the star. “So I couldn’t see people’s reactions and excitement in real time. So when I just landed, I turned on my cell phone and it freaked out. tip of the iceberg. You can’t imagine what’s to come”, provoked Holland.

Spider-Man: No Return Home will feature the return of several former franchise stars: from Jamie Foxx, from The Spectacular Spider-Man 2, again as the villain Electro; The Alfred Molina, from Spider-Man 2, as Doctor Octopus.

The premiere of Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man feature is set for December 16th.