Felipe declares his love for Vasco and remembers the 1998 World Cup: “The only South American who played more than Europeans” | Vasco

Two-time Brazilian champion, champion of the Libertadores, Copa Mercosul and Copa do Brasil with Vasco’s shirt, Felipe is the idol of his favorite club. Maestro, now 43 years old and coach of Bangu, wrote about his relationship with Vasco in an emotional text published in the “Players Tribune”.

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One of the main moments is when Felipe remembers the final of the Interclubs World Cup against Real Madrid, in 1998. He guarantees that, despite the defeat, “the only South American team that played more than the Europeans in a World Cup decision was Vasco “. And he mentions Flamengo, a rival from Vasco, and a club that he also defended.

“I’m sure we were better. People say that in 2019 Flamengo played on equal terms with Liverpool. That’s a lie. I was there talking about the match for a Qatar television and I saw it live: Liverpool were much better, much better. The only South American team that played more than the Europeans in a World Cup decision was Vasco in 98. Real was a great team, with Roberto Carlos, Redondo, Hierro, Seedorf, but we played better and deserved to have won. doubtful of Ramon, Juninho’s equalizer, they saved two balls on the line… And at the moment of the game when we were flying, in the mouth of turning the score, in the second half, my move happens”, he wrote.

Felipe in action for Vasco at Libertadores 1998 — Photo: Archive

Elsewhere in the text, Felipe regrets and apologizes to the Vasco fan for the lost goal against Real Madrid, who won the match 2-1 and won the title.

“Now life is not perfect. And I have an apology to make to the Vasco fan. For the goal I lost in the final of the Club World Cup, in Tokyo, against Real Madrid. Not that it’s a burden. It would be cruelty I think that, after such a beautiful story I built in Vasco. But it bothers me, I can’t deny it. Because I know we played a lot that day. I gave everything, everything, everything. And if I had more, I’d give more.”

In 1998, best moments of Real Madrid 2 x 1 Vasco, in the final of the Club World Cup

In 1998, best moments of Real Madrid 2 x 1 Vasco, in the final of the Club World Cup

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“My father thought I was good at it and took me to Vasco. At the same time, my parents separated. Everything was fine, they remained friends, but they each lived in a corner, and I was just a six-year-old child . And, even though separation is something complicated for the children, the memory I have is of a good thing, look how curious. Because I didn’t feel loss. On the contrary, at that moment in my life, I felt like I was gaining something. Gaining a new routine in new houses — one of them Vasco, who welcomed me and even presented me with a new brother, Pedrinho, my best friend of all life.”

“The story of my arrival at Vasco’s professional and the lineup for this match against Botafogo is funny. I was a junior reserve and I had the chance to start a game because our holder received the third yellow card. The son of Antônio Lopes , then the professional’s coach, went to watch this match. I played very well. It turns out that, in the same week, Lopes was left without a left-back in the professional. With the starter suspended and the reserve injured, they called the junior full-backs, Bill and me, who was his reserve.

“Hey, you two go there who need a left back on the pro.”

“The behavior of some parents today is unacceptable. They charge too much. They swear, complain, scream at boys aged seven, eight. Many people expect that boy to change the family life, okay, I understand this reality, but the pressure can spoil it My father would take me to train and play and he wouldn’t be yelling “Felipe does this, Felipe does that.” He was always very calm.

— It’s good, son. What matters is that you have fun. Are you happy? So continue. If not, stop.”

Banner Vasco — Photo: Disclosure