Fernanda Lima outsmarts Huck and assumes command of the program

One of the biggest changes, which has already started to happen in Rede Globo’s programming, may gain news soon. After promoting and announcing a real dance of chairs, after the early departure of Fausto Silva, the station seems to have started to change its mind about the future of some attractions for the next year. One of them is the “Show of the Famous”.

Although the new edition of the attraction has already been announced, Globo intends to make a change regarding the transmission. The “Show dos Famosos”, which has always been shown as a part of the “Domingão do Faustão” program, has everything to become independent in 2022 and will gain a new presenter, or better yet, a presenter.

According to information disclosed by the portal TV Observatory, the “Show dos Famosos” will have a short life in the program “Domingão com Huck”. That’s because the attraction, which will debut its new season under the presentation of Angélica’s husband, will say goodbye to Sunday this year and will take on a life of its own in the programming of the Rio station.

In addition to transforming the “Show dos Famosos” into a solo program, Rede Globo has also taken the plunge and defined who will present the attraction. After reviewing several names, the broadcaster chose Fernanda Lima to be in front of the program. The name of Rodrigo Hilbert’s wife was already being speculated to command some attraction on Globo.

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Also according to the website, the subject is being discussed and the content of the meetings kept under lock and key. Although the possibility of transforming the “Show of the Famous” was discarded for this year, due to the short time to complete the project, Rede Globo did not give up on transforming the painting into a solo program and has already started to define the details of the novelty.

While the attraction has not yet become a solo program, the new edition of “Show dos Famosos” is already confirmed and will be presented by Luciano Huck in his new Sunday program in the next few days. The new season’s participants have also been revealed and promise to do real shows.

The production of the attraction selected participants of all types. The new edition will feature famous people who are known for their music, for being an athlete or actor. They are: Gloria Groove, Wanessa Camargo, Mariana Rios, Margareth Menezes, Diego Hypolito, Robson Nunes, Thiago Aracan, Vitor Kley and Fiuk.

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