Fernanda Souza explains why she doesn’t want to go back to doing soap operas

Actress said that the rhythm of recordings is ‘dull’ and that it doesn’t match the routine she wants to have

Reproduction/Instagram/fernandasouzaoficial/27.08.2021Fernanda Souza is on sabbatical and intends to return to work in 2022

The actress Fernanda Souza stated that he does not intend to do it again soap operas. Last Thursday, 26th, during a live on Instagram with the also actress Maria Zilda Bethlem, the artist answered a follower who wanted to know if she was planning to return to television drama. “I find it very difficult because the soap opera has a dynamic that demands a lot, you are depending on the script all the time. Nowadays, I prefer to work on shorter projects”, he said. As the plots are on the air for months, Fernanda said that the actor needs to spend a long time living this intense routine and always be available. “It’s boring. You get the script every Friday without knowing what’s going to happen the next week, it’s been many months of it. I love doing soap operas, I did it for 20 years, but nowadays it doesn’t fit with the routine of life I want to have.” The actress explained that, in recent years, she has been seeking a balance between her personal and professional life.

The last telenovela Fernanda participated in was “A Regra do Jogo”, aired on Globo’s prime time in 2015. After that, she participated in the “Escola do Professor Raimundo” and explored her presenter side in the attractions “Vai, Fernandinha”, of Multishow, and “Só Toca Top”, by Globe. In the year he announced the end of his marriage to the singer Thiaguinho, the actress decided to stay away from television. “I’ve been on a gap year since 2019 that was being amended, so it’s already been three years. If I continue in this climate, it will become a sabbatical life, but I’m only 37 years old, that’s not my intention (laughs). I think next year I start [a trabalhar]. I was quieter, but it was good, I have studied a lot and this has generated a lot of fruit for me”, declared the artist, who during the pandemic only carried out publicity campaigns.