Ferreira is cursed by advisers and by the fans after a rout

After Grêmio suffered a 4-0 rout by Flamengo, Ferreira was one of the most attacked players. The striker returned from injury and ended up joining Douglas Costa, who was injured.

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Due to the various controversies in which Ferreira was involved recently, many people are angry with the player. Associated with that, his performance when he joined the game was not good.

When he left the field, some Grêmio advisers present at the Arena shouted the following: “Ferreirinha, f**** you, you f****”. Information brought by journalist Bruno Abichéquer.

Many people within Grêmio wanted Ferreira to be removed, after having almost gone to MLS. That’s because he had disrespectful behavior with the club, according to them.

However, that would not be a very smart attitude. Well, the player is an asset of the club. Therefore, not using him, as he is one of the main highlights of the team this season, would not be very smart.

The punishment given by Grêmio was the non-renewal of Ferreira’s contract. The player receives R$ 140 thousand, which is much lower than most players who are part of the guild’s main squad.

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Ferreira is cursed by advisers and by the fans after a rout

The crowd swearing at the player is even something common. But, what really caught my attention, were the club’s advisers swearing at Ferreira.

Clearly, they don’t think much about taking on roles within the club. After all, after cursing a player, they wouldn’t have the atmosphere to work in the Grêmio locker room. But, on social networks, Grêmio fans didn’t go easy on Ferreira either, check it out:

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Image: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF